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      Taizhou Suce Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.

      Product provider and solution provider
      focusing on automotive test technology
      and test equipment




      Suce Automobile Technology

      (Under the plain) plateau intake and exhaust simulation/low pressure environment chamber

      ● Achieve plateau intake and exhaust pressure under plain conditions
      ● Realize intake negative pressure control through the front engine control valve
      ● Through the connection between intake and exhaust, the reference pressure of intake and exhaust is equal
      ● Reduce exhaust temperature through exhaust gas cooler
      ● Realize independent T/H control of intake air through system inlet


        Intake and exhaust negative pressure simulation
      Altitude simulation 0~2500 meters
      Simulated intake and exhaust pressure range 27mbar~0(Or according to customer requirements)
      Steady state pressure control accuracy +/- 1 mbar

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