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      Taizhou Suce Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.

      Product provider and solution provider
      focusing on automotive test technology
      and test equipment



      ABOUT US

      Suce Automobile Technology

      Taizhou Suceis a product provider and solution provider focusing on automotive testing technology and testing equipment. It can not only provide professional and serialized standard testing products, but also customize design and production according to customer requirements. While ensuring the quality of products and services comparable to those of European and American products, they can also ensure that they can provide more professional and flexible services.
      The main products of Suce include (1) Suce series condition control system: engine intake air conditioner, engine coolant temperature control, engine intercooling, engine oil temperature control and regulation system, engine fuel consumption meter (small, medium, heavy), equipment cleaning Small car; (2) Exhaust back pressure valve; (3) Engine thermal shock test system; (4) Engine oil content meter; (5) Piston air leakage meter; (6) Plateau intake and exhaust simulation system; (7) ) Plain intake and exhaust simulation system; (8) Quick-installation car with engine (light/medium/heavy); (9) NVH sound insulation and noise reduction (test room silencing, semi-anechoic room, full anechoic room, online silent room, sound insulation Container); (10) High temperature resistant hard seal proportional/switch control butterfly valve; (11) Various high-precision flow, pressure and temperature sensors/transmitters; (12) Tension coupling series; (13) Air spring (14) Evaporation airtight chamber; (15) Catalytic converter conversion efficiency test; (16) Automobile laboratory planning and design; (17) Laboratory entire room air conditioning and water system design and project implementation.

      Technology comes from Europe

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